Journal Entry x7

Oh what a year this is turning it to be. Not everything is going exactly as planned, but things are looking positive.

Finally getting my photos in order and soon I can get them out and in my shop.

Working towards the goal that brought me to Vegas. Freedom. Working towards moving on and building more into my photography career.

I’m starting to put more time towards work vs. working on new projects. So currently going to be working on keeping this journal going.

I just watched the last episode of the Arabasta Ark in One Piece. I’m going to miss Princess Vivi (Miss Wednesday).

Princess Nefertari Vivi (Miss Wednesday)

I am excited that this ark does bring in Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday). Her character is brilliant.

Nico Robin (Miss All Sunday)

I do have a big day tomorrow so I should be getting to sleep and get off social media.