A Fresh Start.

Here we go.

I have put a lot of time trying to decide how everything should look and respond to represent me on this new website.

I have dabbled with many social media outlets and I think I am happiest just doing my own thing here and sharing it across most platforms.

I want to use this site to promote ME and an artist. I have done many adventurous things throughout my life. Most recent was backpacking 1,500 miles just to take pictures.

I find myself getting stir-crazy and feeling deep in my bones a need to go out and see as much as I can while I am on this plane.

I have a few trips lined up for the near future that I want to share and allow others to view and enjoy my photographic works.

I have a large portfolio I have worked on now for roughly 8 years. Photos scattered across hard drives and laptops I haven’t turned on in years.

My next trip is a northern U.S. road-trip from Nevada to Northern Michigan, My plan is to drive the I-70 across the U.S. and take pictures along the way. Last time I made the trip was on foot 4 years ago.

I have a few scheduled stops along the way to visit a friend and visit my children who I don’t see nearly as much as I’d like to.

Well, I think I have said enough to wrap up the first post to this website.


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